Tarsem Jassar
Wazir Patar

In "Kingpin," Tarsem Jassar describes how him and his crew came up together while ebbing and flowing with Wazir Patar's electric production.

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Zora sirro uthe aa sifarshaan to nahi

I rose to fame on my own, and not because someone’s favors

Door rehnda yaar tera polishan to ni

I stay away from polish

Mehnta ne maariya, oh chitte naiyo maare

I’ve worked hard and didn’t waste my time

Aggressive hi challe door aalsa to ni

I hustle aggressively and stay away from laziness

Zora sirro uthe aa sifarshaan to nahi

I rose to fame on my own, and not because someone did me a favor

Door rehnda yaar tera polisha to ni

I stay away from polish? 

Pitthan utte tangey Over Under’an de bag

We got Over Under bags slung over our shoulders
Gaddiyan vich lamakde mucchan wale tag

From our cars you can see the mustache tag 

Berette wali jacket ‘ch raund firre dhuni

I’ve got ammunition like a Beretta jacket 

Yaaran naalo loud vairi hoyi jande gag

When I am loud with my friends, our enemies get quiet

Jihne lye badle London wich thokke

The man who took revenge on London for my people

Age de hisaab naal ohde lagge pothe

I’d be close to his son’s age

Saade aale zalima de kholi aunde khoppe

My people decapitate tyrants

Udham Singho de fatt lagde nahi thope

They couldn’t close the wounds Udham Singh gave

Lagge yaar nu je hath fer chlauni pendi goli

If someone harms my friends, I gotta shoot 

Vehli janta nu jandi ni ehdi vi ni bholi

Everyone knows that about me, no one is that ignorant

Dekhan nu rude munde nature nu jolly

We may look rude, but we’re jolly by nature

Jassran da putt thalle marwari ghori

We’re sons of Jassars, and our horses are Marwari 

Vairi change hogay sadde yaar change hoyi ni

Our enemies changed but my friends are the same

Maar dhakke yaara nu oh aap khade hoye ni

We never put each other down, we stand together

Na sitteya kisse nu digg digg uthe aa

We never pushed anyone out, but learnt to stand on our own after falling

Jiddan de dekhe ne dream assi soye ni

Since we saw our dreams, we haven’t slept

Nibhe yaari neeta naal nah ki paise naal

True friends form from values not because of money

Gaddi wich naal jehde hikka wale baal

I’m taking this journey with my closest friends

Bhukhe kathe rajje kathe katheyan de haal

Together for the lows, highs. Together through it all.

Jithe laayi yaari othe paaye ni bawaal

We don’t cause drama amongst our friends

Baithe assi aa Punjab sadda Surrey betha Jhinjer ae

While we’re sitting in Punjab, my boy Jhinjer is in Surrey

Jehde bhide sadde naal kabran ch pinjar ae

Those who fought with us are now in their graves

Sache naale kaure par faydemand poore

We might talk crude and bitter, but we’re very useful

Jiwe hunda sohniye khada hoya ginger ae

Like how ginger tastes bitter, but has nutritional value

Zindagi di bump maare hurdle’an de jump

We overcame life’s hurdles

Rohb akhi dolle pump badey katte ne slump

We are confident, muscular, and been through the slumps

Supne na dump kare ajj notan de ne lump

We never stopped chasing our dreams, which is why we’re rich today

Nikki soch wale kathe kari jande rump

Those without ambition are now perishing together

Har ek moore jhuki jayiye ehni narmaayi ni

We don’t just bow down in front of everyone

Fatehgarh Sahib utth kiti ae chadai ni

From Fategarh Sahib to here, we’ve come a long way

Tere luminatiyan naal seeti na ralayi ni

I didn’t get here by mixing with the Illuminati

Pagg banni sir te laaj kadhe laayi ni

I wear the turban and never dishonored what it stood for

Alloy paun boliyan te thappi laun tire ne

My alloy wheels sing bolis and my tires cheer along

Ghodeya naal yaari lok khachra naal vair ne

We’re friends with horses, but enemies with mules 

Suroor chatto pehr ne vekhi launde lehr ne

I’m always joyous, watch us celebrate

Guttan te Omega sadde Gucci wich pair ne

We go Omega on our wrists, and Gucci on our feet

Moon wangu shaam je nu nikalde ne chobar

We come out in the evening like the moon

Cop check karde si saare bade sober

The cop was surprised to see us all sober

Kaale sheeshya cho jatt roll kare mucch

We roll the black windows of our cars down as we roll our mustaches 

Langey Jassar honi ne khade naal di nu pucch

If you don’t know how I’m doing, ask your girl next to you

Alhran de sohniye farde na gutt

We don’t grab the wrists of women 

Ankhi je jatt sardaara de ne putt

Look at us we’re jatts, sons of sardars

Ankhi je jatt sardaara de ne putt

Look at us we’re jatts, sons of sardars

Ankhi je jatt sardaara de ne putt

Look at us we’re jatts, sons of sardars

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